Portable Charging Station with 4 USB ports - Universal Power Socket & 1.5m Long Cord - Best for Travelling (Ships from USA)

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Charging multiple devices can be a headache. Sometimes there are not proper ports or maybe the power is too less. Our portable charging station provides just the right amount of power to your USB powered devices such, mobile, tablets, etc. to charge your device as fast as possible.

The 1.5 meters long power cord gives you the power to charge your devices just to the side of your bed while watching movies, playing games, or even doing an important job. The universal power output is an advantage to use other electric appliances like electric kettle and table lamp.

With 4 USB and one power socket, this device saves a lot of time and money which you'll spend in buying other power sockets.


The 1.5m power cord is easy to wrap around the charging station which makes it easy to store and fit into your luggage and briefcase, convenience for business trips and vacations
Easy to use, compatible, lightweight and supports 4 USB devices at a time with a Universal power output to use electrical appliances
Due to the lack of power sockets in hotel rooms, restaurants, railway stations, and airports, the portable charging station helps you charging multiple devices at a time
It comes with a Universal flat plug which is widely used in the United States, Bolivia, Panama, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, China, Philippines, Japan, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, etc
Saves a lot of time by providing 4 USB ports which can power up to 4 devices at a time. Moreover, it reduces the space occupied by the chargers you carry on a family trip

Available Colors: White / Pink / Blue / Black
Power socket: One Universal Power socket with max. Output of DC 4200mA
No. of USB Ports: 4
Cord Length: 1.5 meters